28 Day Challenge: 131 lbs Lost!! New Happy Habits Established!!

Sunday, October 15, 2017 - 09:38
We just finished our first 28 day Big Rocks Nutrition Challenge at CrossFit Pushin Weight.   What a fun journey it was!

This challenge focused on the big habits that need to be in place for optimal health, performance and body composition. The "Big Rocks" are food, movement, sleep, and stress management.



Food: Focusing on the plate method - filling up on lots of veggies with a big dose of protein and a good serving of starchy carbs at each meal.

Movement: Regular daily movement, deliberate exercise 5 days a week and no extra points for double workouts or working out every day. More is not better. Better is better.

Sleep: 7+ hours in a dark, cool room.

Stress management: Taking time daily to chill out, breath and do something that you find enjoyable. Walk, read, meditation, bath, etc.

We had a private Facebook group to allow for weekly lessons and then daily questions and learning from each of the participants. There was lots of laughter, learning and smack talk going on for sure.

The results from this challenge from a body composition perspective were astounding: A total of 131 lbs and 112 inches and 31.7 percentage points of body fat LOST!

Our over all winners where:

Most Points Earned: Ed Rumsey and Rachel Holder

Most Change Made: Jill Hinton and Chris Friant


The more exciting change though was having people build more healthy habits that they can keep way beyond the 28 days.

The next challenge will be in January 2018.