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You’re here because you want to be healthier and happier. We’re here because we guide hundreds of people on that journey every day. Whether you want to lose 100lbs, run a half-marathon, or look good in a bathing suit, we want to help you get there.

CrossFit Pushin Weight is an encouraging community of people who work hard together, headed by a staff of professional coaches who will keep you safe while constantly improving. As a member here, you’ll have the freedom to come to any class you want. Each class lasts 1 hour and each day is different. Our members love the variety and consider it the best part of their day.

To get started, schedule a free no-sweat introduction where we learn all about you, your story, and your goals. We then pair you with one of our amazing coaches who will work with you one on one and be your personal guide through the introductory phase of your fitness journey. Our coaches are experts in working with people of all levels, and are passionate about helping each member athlete reach their personal goals. Let the CFPW8 community motivate and inspire you to work for and achieve everything you’ve always wanted out of a fitness program.



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For me, a totally life-altering experience… in a very positive way! I had never done anything like this before, and I was very intimidated at the idea of 1. Starting it, and 2. Sticking with it. For whatever reason, those fears melted away at the very beginning of my adventure that started in October 2014. The camaraderie and positive reinforcement I get from everyone here combined with my dramatically improved medical and mental state, along with seeing that 50 lb lighter stranger in my mirror with actual muscles, all combine to motivate this old guy to keep at it. I’m a walkin’ miracle thanks to Tyler and all of you!!

Guy S.
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Love love love this gym! It's actually spoiled me for other gyms. I'm constantly comparing everywhere else I do to CrossFit Pushin Weight. Great atmosphere, friendly coaches, staff and fellow athletes, CLEAN, and well stocked with nice equipment. Can not say enough good things about this gym!


Beth S

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The best decision I made, was to join this place! From the moment I walked in, I knew there was something special here! The owners are overwhelmingly generous, the members are the most welcoming and supportive individuals around, the facilities are the highest quality and the coaches are the absolute best!!! I have experienced physical and mental growth and am loving that my crossfit journey is really just beginning. I am excited to see where my journey with Crossfit Pushin Weight takes me! I look forward to my daily workout here and am bummed when I have to miss. My day is much more complete when it starts here!