Black Friday Work!

Sunday, November 27, 2016 - 08:11
We all took the day off from the gym on Thanksgiving. I hope everyone had a great time enjoying time and sharing a meal with their family, friends, loved ones or maybe even serving in the community. 
We had two big classes on Black Friday.  Lots of double unders, cleans and burpees. So much fun to sweat and work with this crazy crew of people!

While many people slack off on workouts during the holiday season as they think they don't have time, I would argue that you it is more important than ever to keep up your exercise habit during this time. It keeps our activity level up which is good because many people's caloric intake goes up at this time and people maybe less active because it is cold. Also exercise is a good strategy for stress management, if you come in I can almost guarantee you will leave in a better mood.  :D