Learning to Be a Time Ninja

Sunday, September 17, 2017 - 08:44
At Pushin' Weight we are big believers in spending time working on self development. If we all work to learn new things, challenge ourselves, and push our potential then that becomes the norm behavior of our group and our culture.  It encourages all of us to work to be the best version of ourselves.

In the spirit of that, Ashley and I headed up to New York recently to spend time at Mark Fisher Fitness to learn about time management or what they call being a "Time Ninja".


The idea being the most valuable resource we have is time.  All of us only have a limited amount of it so we need to be deliberate in how that time is being spent.

This course is structured as 1 in-person workshop and then 13 weeks of online support practicing 1 new habit each week.  These habits range from Inbox zero (getting your email inboxes to 0 emails at the end of each day) to committing 3 hours each week to education/learning.

While I am pretty good at managing my inbox, this week of inbox zero has helped me tune into it more and decide quickly on what to do with all the emails I am getting. This was a HUGE step for many people in the class that had thousands upon thousands of emails in their inbox. I am looking forward to being more mindful and deliberate about how I spend my time and having more discipline in my schedule to allow really for more freedom in my life.

Here is what Ashley learned in the class:


Business for Unicorns?  YES PLEASE!  Getting to zero emails in my inbox ..... UMM NO PLEASE.

This week didn't come as easily for me as it did Kara.  You see, I was one of those people with thousands of emails in their inbox.  I am the lucky reciepeant of the info@crossfitpushinweight.com emails along with my personal and personal CFPW8 emails and had let those (what seemed like a gazillion) spam emails pile up.  It literally took me the whole week to get my inbox to zero when in actuality there were only handfuls of important or urgent emails within that virtual "space".

Im a minimalist in real life.  Im most productive when my physical things are neat and orderly and all facing the same way (i.e. - the damn wall balls) Im a digital hoarder in my virtual life. I have always found it challenging to delete email or photographs.  After getting to zero emails though I felt a sense of accomplishment and order, much as I do when I have my work space neat and tidy.  I had no idea how much time and energy that red dot was actually occupying in my mind.

Now to week two - where I am to check my email only 3-4 times a day.  Like whoa.  Where is my fidget spinner?!