Gangs Of the Mid Atlantic 2016

Monday, November 7, 2016 - 15:55
This past weekend we had six (6!) teams competing at the annual Gangs of the Mid Atlantic event in Williamsburg Virginia!  We had two RX division teams and  4 scaled division teams (with one of those teams being a masters team!! )

The workouts were:

  1. An accumulative 7.6 mile trail run

  2. Double DT/ Heavy DT

  3. 2k row/100 Pull ups/200 Thrusters/300 DU or 100 Burpees

There was also a final workout for the top 5 teams in each division.

We had most of our coaches competing. We had vetran crossfitters competing. We had brand new never before people competing. There was so much love and support the whole weekend. It was amazing to hangout and stratagize the workouts and just socialize (and eat!) in between events.