Change the World by First Changing Yourself, Right?

Friday, April 14, 2017 - 06:58
Upgrading Language Skills with the CFPW8 Coaching Staff

Over the past month, the CrossFit Pushin Weight coaching staff went through the Procabulary Core Language Upgrade training. As an added bonus, we were lucky enough to be able to work directly with the co-founder, Mark England for additional coaching support!

Hard to believe this team needs any skills development at all.

At Pushin Weight, we believe getting better in not only the physical skills we use daily but in leadership and communication as well. The Core Language Upgrade Course showed us how powerful paying attention to our language can be.  Language can lead us to believe we are a victim to what happens in our lives or it can be used to create a world full of personal power and possibility.  During this course, we looked at the language we use at work, in relationships as well as (gulp!) in our minds. Yes, our own self talk.  How often have you really tuned in to the messages that you get from that voice yammering non-stop in your head?

Here is what some of the coaches had to say about it:
"Eye-opening, for sure! This course has brought me so much clarity in understanding just how much our word choices affect the mood and outcome of our conversations. Working on using more 'solid talk' and 'reflection' sentences is already helping me with planning ahead, goal setting and getting my point of view across more clearly."  - Coach Eche
"For me and what I took from it, was being able to deliver the message I wanted to get across in different ways and being able to see/distinguish the negative and/or positives implications. With that, I plan to correct those who may use conflict language at the gym and help them avoid it as it normally isn't associated with anything positive. Help members build their confidence." - Coach Emine
I loved how this course demonstrated that compassion and strong/direct language are not mutually exclusive. I learned that being more honest about my own needs/wants/capabilities will help me extend my positive attitude to myself— not just others. Change the world by first changing yourself, right? - Coach Fem
I was going to do the Procabulary course on my own so I was ecstatic when we decided as a leadership team to have our coaches go through the program.

Soft talk... wow! My biggest ah-ha moments came when I realized how many "soft" words I use and how unclear my communication can be due to me trying to stay neutral or to have people see me as likeable or agreeable. This course helped with not only coaching and leading but home life as well.  Having others call out my soft talk kept that awareness in the forefront! Procabulary and beyond.....  - Coach Ashley
Yes, even our fearless leader went through the course:
For me this course showed both the strengths and weaknesses I have when coaching. We all know that no one coach is the same and that we all have a different way of approaching a cue, client, or class. As I use majority of solid, affirmative talk there is a time and place for a more softer side. I will continue to work towards having and using a softer side when addressing the members while coaching but like anything it's a day-to-day process. #OneClassAtATime 

- Coach Tyler
As you already experience as an athlete, you get the importance of the language you use in how you show up or perform in the gym or in competition.

"Ugh.  I sure don't want to finish last in this workout"

What picture did you just create for yourself there? What kind of energy are you creating for your workout? How do you want to the workout to go? If you did finish last, what are your choices in your response to that? Is it really the worst thing ever?

"I will never get pull ups."

What did you just re-enforce in your mind? How does this kind of thinking help you to your goal?

"I guess I kinda want to lose weight maybe."

How confident are you really in wanting to make a change?

Tuning in to the language you use and making deliberate choices with it is a powerful way to get the most out of your gym experience and honestly out of your life.

If you want to know more about the Procabulary Core Language Upgrade course, check it out here!