For Best Results, Love Yourself

Emily Wolfram
Tuesday, February 14, 2017 - 15:33
Love your teammates, love yourself

I know it feels like we’ve all known each other forever, and you couldn’t picture your life without CrossFit, but in the grand scheme of our lives, we are all still new to this. As we lay the foundations for lifelong habits that will extend  far beyond the walls of CrossFit Pushin Weight, we would be remiss to not talk about mindset.

Most of you started this whole thing in the first place because you wanted to change your body. You already know that doesn’t happen overnight. But one thing you may not realize is the one thing your body needs most of all— even more than it needs protein, water, and even sleep..... is compassion.  From you.

Negative self-talk will never help you be your best self.

Repeat after me:


Negative self-talk is like when you’re in the middle of the workout agonizing over how out of shape you are. It’s when you are focused on those around you rather than yourself. It’s when you make excuses for yourself (verbally or mentally). It’s when you chalk up your shortcomings to your circumstances and give up on yourself. (“I sucked at that workout. I have so much weight to lose. I have the worst genetics, I’m never going to reach my goal, so why am I even trying?”)

It’s when you allow your bad mood or bad attitude to dictate your choices (“I’ve had a horrible day, I’m going to skip the gym, grab a pint of ice cream, and call it a night.”) It’s when you look in the mirror and tell yourself you hate what you see, or that you don’t deserve to _________ (wear a bikini, buy clothes that flatter your current body, indulge in your favorite food on a special occasion) because of your weight.

Raise yourself up just the way you do your teammates.... and your barbell!

We all need to be as compassionate with our selves as we are with the people we love. Your body is your home. It’s unique and wonderful and the only home you will ever have.

Change your mindset. You will make far more progress with your goals of improving your body from a place of love than a place of hate.

This takes practice. For the next week, pay careful attention to the times you are negative about yourself. I challenge you to reframe the sentence. If you’re getting stuck, think about what in the situation you can be grateful for.