Nutrition Thoughts Part 2: Slow Down and Pay Attention

Wednesday, January 18, 2017 - 16:15
I once heard Robb Wolf say,

"You have a mouth, not a hoover vacuum. "

It is a good reminder in a time where so many of us rarely take time to settle down to eat. Eating is often done, quickly, on the way out the door, in the car, at a desk or squeezed in between life's 1000 other activities.  In other instances, when we control our food so tightly, maybe during the week, that when we do have time to relax and are exposed to foods that are higher in carbs, fat or simply taste way more delicious than the chicken and broccoli you have been pounding down all week, we jump in with both hands and grab it all.

Take time, eat slowly, enjoy the food you have in front of you.  For me when I do this, I notice the instant that I have had enough. It can be a small feeling and when you are distracted and not paying attention you can blow right by it until its screaming at you. :D  We are so lucky to have an abundance of food, things offered regularly to nourish us, food that should be savored and enjoyed.

Try out this practice of eating slowly and enjoying each meal you have and see what you notice about what it really takes to have you feel full, your satiety and enjoyment of your food.  Let me know!