Wodapalooza 2016

Tuesday, January 12, 2016 - 14:22
Owner and head coach, Tyler Cox is heading down to Miami this weekend (January 15-17) to compete at Wodapalooza for his third year in a row.  Send some cheers and encouragement his way.


Wodapalooza® is a 3-day festival that brings the world of fitness and the love of life to Miami. What started as a primarily local event 4 years ago with 500 spectators and 125 athletes has blossomed into a worldwide competitive bonanza with 20,000 spectators and 1500 athletes, representing 16 countries. The combination of cultures, along with the spirit of celebrating life and fitness is what this weekend is all about.

FloElite will be streaming the event live if you want to catch some of the action from this amazing weekend!